The Packaging Revolution!

This week is the kick-off of Dogwood’s packaging campaign. This campaign targets companies that use paper-packaging products sourced from endangered Southern forests. Think about it: what could be more wasteful than when a company cuts down trees to make the packaging we discard after purchasing the product? Does the box that my Dove soap comes […]

Take the Packaging Pledge!

Take the Dogwood Alliance Packaging Pledge Nationwide Response Illuminates the Packaging Problem People from across the country agree that the paper packaging industry needs reform. It’s just not right and we can do better than generating 300 pounds of packaging waste per person each year.We generate so much waste that 32% of the entire domestic […]

Making a difference

If companies in just the medicine and cosmetics cartons sector switched to 35% post-consumer recycled content, the benefits for our environment and our forests are truly substantial.