OfficeMax Announces Paper Procurement Policy: a Step Forward for Southern Forests

Today, OfficeMax released a new environmental paper policy which will help to reduce the company’s impact on forests and further bolster the recycled paper industry. The company now joins its competitors, Office Depot and Staples, with standing environmental policies.

To read the Dogwood Alliance Press Release about the OfficeMax policy, check out our pressroom by clicking here.

The adoption of a policy by OfficeMax could not have been achieved without your support, from the thousands of postcards and emails you sent to the company to the time spent out in front of OfficeMax stores to your financial contributions which provided us with the resources we needed to continue the fight. Thank you!

Though OfficeMax has notified its suppliers about its concerns related to the Cumberland Plateau and Canadian Boreal, they have not taken concrete action to protect these areas of concern. Click here to send an email to Sue Mills, Director of Environmental Practices and ask her to ensure the company takes immediate action to leverage on the ground protection for endangered Southern forests like the Cumberland Plateau.

In less than a decade, the office supply sector has now transitioned from one of the most environmentally destructive industries to one that has begun to challenge the world’s largest paper companies to improve their forestry practices. We expect OfficeMax to uphold this standard and work with its suppliers to change their forestry practices.

We will continue to work with the company to ensure that it follows through on its commitment. Thank you once again for supporting us in our work to defend and protect the magnificent forests of the Southern US.

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