Greening of the Music Industry

Update from South x Southwest–transforming the packaging problem.

When we do something at Dogwood Alliance, we do it big, and greening the music industry is no exception to that rule. We have come to SXSW , a monumental music industry conference, to meet with key partners, and to sign up labels, artists, activists and volunteers to sign on to the
campaign to green the music industry, transform the packaging problem and help protect Southern forests to slow global warming.

Definitely a hefty task, and we’ve come a long way in the 2 days we’ve been in Austin, TX.
The highlight so far for me was the panel, Greening the Music Industry, where we were represented by out friends at TreeSound Studios and Tree Leaf Music. Perry Farrell (of Janes Addiction) was also on the panel, in addition to the other leaders in the movement to green the music industry.

A hot topic of conversation was packaging, especially paper packaging. With forest destruction as one of the leading causes of Global Climate Change, the music industry, savvy as they are, are really picking up on this. Paper Packaging was mentioned by everyone from David Byrne to Frank Mauceri who runs a Green Music Label out of Chicago, Smog Veil Records, and they all genuinely want to do something about it. We’re here to let them know what they can do to protect amazing forests and slow global warming.

We’ve also met with Marc Ross, the director of Rock the Earth , who wants all of the artists who work with Rock the Earth to sign on to the campaign. Rick Farman, of Bonnarroo, wants our volunteers to be backstage throughout this years festival talking to all of the musicians about their packaging choices. No one wants their packaging to come from Endangered Southern forests, and when we can show Sony and Universal that the demand is there for sustainably made packaging, they will create it.

I haven’t even mentioned all of the other artists and managers we’ve talked to who want to sign on the the campaign.

And at the trade show, all of the folks who make the packaging are interested in making sure it’s all sustainably made. And, we’ve had great conversations with our friends at TreeSound Studios in Atlanta, who are definately doing their part in greening the music industry.

I can rest assured that we have broken into the music biz, and now we’re going to transform it!

Oh, I almost forgot, check out our new factsheets about Southern forests and Paper Packaging that we’ve been handing out, just click here. Feel free to download them or email a copy to your friends in the music industry to let them know what they can do.

Stay tuned for further updates.

For the forests (and the music!),


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