Highlight: TreeSound Studios

Recording Studio Tree Sound studios is doing their part to Protect Southern forests and change the world.

week at SXSW there were some folks doing great things for the environment, but
one I want to highlight is TreeSound Studios and TreeLeaf Music , a green
studio and music label based out of Atlanta,
Georgia. Paul Diaz, president of TreeSound Studios, was on the
panel “Greening the Music Industry ,” and had wonderful tips to share.

Sound studios is brainchild of Paul Diaz and began 20 years ago with a powerful mission: to combine music with
environmental consciousness. Musicians, Diaz reasoned, would be willing and
able to influence whole generations of people on environmental matters. Today, the company has grown into the largest
recording facility in Atlanta,
with a client list the likes of Elton John, Outkast and scores of other musical
who share an interest in being green.

addition to using sustainably made packaging (a great example of how possible
this is!) and in the spirit of continuous improvement, Tree Sound Studios has
committed to offsetting 100% of their electricity related CO2 emissions from
2006 forward. That means that any album produced at their Norcross, GA facility
will be made with renewable energy.

They are taking further steps to be green by using LED and compact fluorescents
where possible in the studio. They are using Seventh Generation cleaning
products, which are biodegradable and also recycled office supplies. Their
newest planned endeavor is planting an organic herb, spice and vegetable garden
on site to help educate and feed thier staff
and clients and enjoy the peace of
nature. In 2007 they hope to get the roof lined with solar panels and be making
biodiesel for bands on the road. Last but not least, Tree now plants a tree
everyday and one for every ticket sold to their live events.

Talk about setting trends in the music industry, Tree Sound
studios is definitely taking the lead. Thanks
for all your doing!

Time and time again the music
industry has set the standards in many realms from fighting censorship to defining
culture. Big music labels like Sony and
Universal, who are buying paper from Endangered Southern forests, should take the
lead to reduce the amount of paper in packaging;
increase post consumer fiber used for packaging; and ensure that paper products
are not coming from endangered forests.

paper packaging industry needs reform, and the music industry could lead the
way leading to protection of millions of acres of endangered forests in the Southern US and throughout the world. Deforestation is the leading cause of global climate
change, creating 25% of the carbon in the atmosphere! That’s why we went to South X Southwest last
week in Austin, TX, to break into the music biz and ensure
the protection of our forests for future generation.

week I gave you a few highlights from the amazing folks we met who are also working to
Green the Music industry, and we're all very impressed with eachothers work. We
know that together with an industry known for its innovation we can develop
simple and creative solutions to solve the packaging problem.

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