Why e-activism is powerful

Dogwood Alliance’s
strategy in a nutshell

Persistent pressure
from bold, public, grassroots campaigns convinces more and more companies to
commit to forest protection which creates demand that large supplier companies
like must meet.
More and more demand for ending irresponsible industrial forestry
practices results in changes in the marketplace which creates real and lasting
protection for Southern forests and forests around the globe.

Dogwood Alliance started with the
largest office supply businesses, Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax. We continue to work with these companies to
ensure that their forest protection commitments result in real protection on
the ground.

Now, we’re building
an exciting campaign to solve the Packaging Problem. By joining the campaign you help move one of
the biggest and most destructive industries in the world – paper and paper
packaging – away from irresponsible practices that destroy endangered Southern
forests and communities and toward practices that can help protect some of the
most special and most endangered forests in North America
and the planet.

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