Yum! Foods ranks low on the eco-totem pole

Recenltly Joel Makowers' green business blog launched Climate Counts rating companies on their climate commitments and performance. Read more…


Yum! foods, one of the biggest packaging companies, ranks close to dead last when it comes to sustainabilitiy.

Yum! foods is one of the largest packaging companies when it comes to fast food packaging. To make matters worse, they are buying that packaging from endangered Southern forests.

When it comes to sustainability factor, Yum! foods get a ranking of 1 out of 100. That is failing, if you ask me. Here is a report from the Climate Counts Website:

Yum! Brands


STUCKA choice to avoid for the climate-conscious consumer.
This company is not yet taking meaningful action on climate change. Let
this company know you want them to get serious and that you're steering
clear until they do.

Review: 0/22 points. Climate Counts
found no public information to indicate that Yum! Foods has started to
measure the impact it has on global warming (i.e. its greenhouse gas
emissions or climate footprint).

Reduce: 1/56 points. Climate Counts has found that Yum! Brands encourages the reduction of energy consumption within its various brands.

Policy Stance: 0/10 points. Climate Counts found no public information to suggest that Yum! Brands supports public policy that addresses climate change.

Report: 0/12 points. Climate Counts found no information on any efforts that Yum! Brands has made to address climate change.

Let the CEO of this company know that you think climate counts! Click here to send an e-mail to the company and tell them you're watching their progress on climate change.

Representative Brands
Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, A&W All American Foods, Long John Silver's



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