2500 incredible women all in one room…

Eva, Michelle, Kathy Mattea and Danny Seo at the NC
Conference for Women


Eva and I attended the NC Conference for Women
yesterday and we were excited to see the conference going green in a number of
meaningful ways. Eva stole the show a
little bit during Simply Green session led by Danny Seo, the green lifestyle
guru who many of you may know from TV. A
woman asked what we can do about all the fast food packaging and Eva was able
to offer all those concerned a powerful way to make a difference by joining The
Packaging Campaign and sending a message to Yum! Foods CEO, David Novak.

While Eva was making a stir I was watching Grammy winning Nashville artist, Kathy Mattea, give present “the Inconvenient
Truth” slide show. It was great to see
an artist of her caliber who is deeply committed to making a difference. Her
latest project, COAL, is due out in early 2008 and she told me that they chose
green packaging for the cd. Kathy is
from West Virginia
and recently toured the coal fields by helicopter

Women make 85% of the purchasing decisions in the US. The NC Conference for Women is encouraging
that powerful population to be part of positive change for NC, the US and the

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