The View From an Industry Conference

The Packaging Campaign lands at the Sustainable Packaging Forum. Read how Dogwood Alliance is on the cutting edge of something really, really big.

Last week I joined hundreds of packaging industry insiders
for the 3rd annual Sustainable Packaging Forum. For this type of pow-wow, business casual was
required. As I sashayed throughout the
event, I met folks from large packaging suppliers, big customers, corporate
brand folks, corporate environmental and sustainability affairs directors and
even other non-profit environmental groups.
That big crowd, grounded in Corporate America told me that we are a one
of those big moments in time – sustainability (whatever the heck that means) is
now officially a big issue for the business word.

In the packaging world, corporations are talking about the
big three – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And
with me whispering in their ears, they now know that their packaging decisions
impact Southern forests. Snarkiness aside, our Packaging Campaign has led to
important discussions with many large corporate customers of the big pulp &
paper companies that have been hammering the coastal forests of our
region. They have heard about the
connections between their products and the amazing forests of this region, and they know now is the time for them to take action. And they also know that this moment in time is not
the time for their valued brands to be connected to controversial forest
destruction. The pressure on these companies to do the right thing will
only increase as more and more people understand the impact of industrial
business as usual forestry practices on the worlds' forests
. Thanks to you for supporting our work and for
taking action to speak your values to Corporate America.



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