Give Us Your Trash!

The packaging campaign is really heating up at the University of North Carolina…

Trash Sculpture

Loud and Clear from Norfolk, VA

Hello again! This is Annie and Claire in Norfolk, Virginia. We have been blown away by the response here in the city. There has been a cold snap here this week, but volunteers just keep coming out!

Coming Ashore in Port City

Noelle and I have arrived in Wilmington – the Port City! And quickly, it’s become clear to us that of all the things Wilmington has become famous for – Dawson’s Creek, massive sprawl, more lattes than you can shake a stick at – the Green Swamp is by far its most awesome asset. We got […]

Clearcut, Wilmington, NC

Organizing in the Southern Swampland

This is Annie and Claire reporting from beautiful Norfolk, VA, where it's impossible not to be moved by the beauty of the forests that surround the Tidewater area…