Loud and Clear from Norfolk, VA

Hello again! This is Annie and Claire in Norfolk, Virginia. We have been blown away by the response here in the city. There has been a cold snap here this week, but volunteers just keep coming out!

The truth about fast-food packaging coming from our endangered forests is now all over
campus. The student environmental groups on both campuses are so excited to
work on this campaign.

This week we got above and beyond the petition signatures we had hoped for. Students and
community members agree readily that fast food companies need to do the right
thing and stop fueling the destruction of our forests.

Annie and I both had great visibility events on campus complete with tables, a tree with trash hanging off of it, and a speech bubble to pose with. “Dear Fast Food: Stop Clear-cutting for packaging!”. It was a hit. Take a look at the pictures. Almost more people came to the tables to sign the petition than we could handle. But we have great volunteers!

Next week is our kick-off meeting to brainstorm how to make an even bigger impact here in Norfolk. Everyone is eager to get going and be heard loud and clear by the fast-food companies.

We are continuing to meet with leading environmentalist groups in the area who share a vision for a sustainable future. Norfolk clearly has an environmental ethic that wants to see change on fast-food paper packaging.

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