Organizing in the Southern Swampland

This is Annie and Claire reporting from beautiful Norfolk, VA, where
it's impossible not to be moved by the beauty of the forests that
surround the Tidewater area…

We've been meeting with local environmental leaders about the dangers of industrial logging practices, and the harm it's wreaking on our local natural landscape and ecosystems. We've been out on the streets, talking to people about the destructive logging practices that are turning our forests into packaging waste. We've been talking to students about how they can make a difference by telling fast food companies to stop using our endangered hardwood forests for their packaging products.

Protecting southern forests is an issue that really resonates with
people– they know the Franklin paper mill, they've seen the clearcuts and the lifeless pine farms, and they've also experienced the Great Dismal Swamp and the beauty and biodiversity that this whole region once held. And people are starting to get the connection between the destruction of our forests and packaging products– especially fast food packaging. Response to the packaging pledge has been very strong; people are eager to help stop their endangered forests from becoming plastic throw-a-ways.

To start getting the word out about fast food companies' wasteful and destructive packaging, we're kicking off our recruitment drive this week and next at Tidewater Community College and Old Dominion University to get young people involved in the campaign. Claire has spoken to over 150 students so far at Tidewater, and Annie has contacted 13 leaders of local environmental and community organizations who we'll work with throughout the campaign.

Things are heating up in Norfolk… can't wait 'til our big Kickoff Meeting in 2 weeks!

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