Huge Public Meeting in Wilmington

How do go from being a small team of excited forest crusaders steadily gathering one pledge after the next to being a huge team of committed activists working with stealth, precision, and mass impact garnering the support of thousands here in Wilmington?

The answer, as we proved it this week here in Wilmington was to kick it up a notch with a kick-butt Kick Off Meeting! (Bruce Lee would be proud of us and all our kicks, wouldn’t he?) On Wednesday night, over 55 people crowded into our meeting,

bringing with them a whole host of awesome ideas for how we can really amp up the pressure on Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut to quit using our amazing forests in North Carolina for their disposable packaging. To think – these companies are currently sitting comfortably and content with the destruction they’re
causing in our communities just to make more trash for their fast food! Not for long, though, eh? Though they might think they’re safe in their ivory tower of paper-packaging madness, they’re soon to hear from us.

Coming out of our Grassroots Pressure (aka – gROOTS!), Community Outreach, and Media Visibility teams will be a whole chorus of support for sustainable forestry, sane reductions in packaging, and the no-brainer switch to post-consumer recycled content.

Check out the photos too – I think you can even see someone doing a roundhouse kick in the back of the room!

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