Old Growth in Missouri Needs Your Help

Our friends at the Gracey Foundation in Missouri need your help…


The Maple Woods nature preserve in Clay County Missouri (Northeast of Kansas City) is under heavy development pressure and land adjoining it is currently up for sale. The suburban preserve is filled with Old Growth Oak, Maple and Mockernut Hickory and the seven acre tract for sale next to the preserve are up for sale.

Dogwood Alliance supporter Greg Montgomery’s daughters Heather aged 12 and Zoe aged 9 came up with the brilliant idea of buying the land and donating it to the preserve, helping to protect the park and make it complete.

Zoe says “If we don’t do something they will knock down all those trees too, and it’s just wrong.”

For more information and to learn how you can help, visit The Gracey Foundation.

To read a story in the Kansas City Star about the property, visit here.

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