UN CBD Fails to Protect Forests from GE Trees

Under heavy pressure from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, New Zealand and Australia, the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Ninth Conference of the Parties (COP-9) failed to pass a moratorium on the release of genetically engineered trees into the environment despite support for a global ban endorsed by hundreds of organizations around the world, and the unified efforts to stop GE trees carried out by NGOs, Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations, scientists and foresters present at the COP.

Call for GE Trees Ban

UN called on for Genetically Engineered Tree Ban FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 27 MAY 2008 Activists Symbolically Cut Trees to Save Forests and Call for GE Trees Ban Bonn, Germany-A large number of activists today stopped and cut Genetically Engineered frankentrees that attempted to invade a tree planting ceremony outside of the meeting of the UN […]

CBD GE Tress Protest

Happy World Turtle Day!

One of the oldest reptiles in the world… As one of the very oldest of living reptiles, the turtle is a special animal. For generations before ours the turtle symbolized the primal mother. Honored in many cultures, the turtle is a reminder that the Earth provides for all of our needs. The turtle is also […]