Drop Off This Letter at a Fast Food Junky Near You!

The "11 Fast Food Junkies"

Will you join us for a giant letter drop next week, on July 1st? It's easy, click here for more info. On July 1st, our plan is to tell the 11 Fast food companies that they need to make more responsible packaging decisions by dropping off letters to Fast Food store managers all around the your area. It's sure to have a major impact when all the store managers report this to HQ. The letters are asking the Fast food HQ's to

a) reduce their overall packaging;

b) increase the post consumer recycled content in their paper packaging to reduce pressure on our forests; and

c) buy the paper that doesn't come from recycled fiber from responsibly managed forests .

Once you sign up, I'll send you a sample letter to drop off (feel free to edit it with your own words or use it as is with your signature) and some talking points. Be sure to let me know if you plan to drop off a letter so we can keep track of campaign activities.

Click here to sign up: http://dia.dogwoodalliance.org/da/signUp.jsp?key=3449&t=nwTemplate.dwt

Or email [email protected]

This is the first Day of Action for the No Free Refills for the forests campaign, so let's start it off with a bang! We all know that we need to right size the fast food industry's impact on our forests and communities. In 2004, over half of all the forests chopped down and chipped up in the US went to food and beverage packaging! There are readily available alternatives that the Fast Food Junkies can opt into, instead of contributing to the needless destruction of our precious Southern Forests.

Again, to sign up for the day of action click here: http://dia.dogwoodalliance.org/da/signUp.jsp?key=3449&t=nwTemplate.dwt. We would love your help and I look forward to hearing from you!

The Dogwood Alliance outreach team,

Eva, Scot, Adam, Kathryne and Paige

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