Step 10: Support Dogwood!

..from 50 simple things

50 Simple Steps to Save the Earth form
Global Warming
was a quick an action-inspiring read. The book, published this
year by the Green Patriot Working Group, emphasized the need for every
individual to take action because skeptics are right—one person cannot make a
difference. This theme was not only discussed in the introduction, but repeated
in each of the 50 actions in form of interesting factoids. For instance, we are
told that if everyone unplugged their appliances when not in use, we’d save
enough energy to power a small city! Wow!

more exciting was that the book talked about Dogwood Alliance (once) and FSC (thrice).
Step 49, which discussed the spiritual/religious aspect of environmentalism,
said that Christian publisher Thomas Nelson, in 2007, printed the first Bible
on FSC certified paper. Step 24, in urging homeowners to use sustainable
construction materials, had an in depths discussion on buy FSC certified lumber
from retailers such as The Home Depot. The 10th step was written on
buying sustainably sourced paper products (100% post-consumer recycled and FSC
certification) because for every pound of recycled paper you buy, you prevent
the emission of 4 pounds of carbon dioxide. Stressing the importance of consumer
power, the authors urged people to buy from Staples and Office Depot and even
provided a lengthy list of environmentally minded organizations and companies. Top
on the list was Bowater, with details on how it has signed an agreement with
Dogwood to only purchase sustainably sourced wood.

word is getting out there! And since the market ultimately revolves around
demand created by the individual consumer, this growing awareness is great
news! FSC was referred to again in relation to Potlatch and Domtar. Ironically,
however, the last “sustainable” company on the list was :
“As one of the world’s largest paper and forest products company, International
Paper is committed to sustainable forestry in the forests they manage.” Notice the
glaringly absent mention of FSC certification.


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