Trash Monster Goes to Trinumeral

“Dressing” Trash Monster and collecting signatures we had a blast…

lateef trash monster.jpg

This past weekend, August 8th – 10th,
a few of us from Dogwood Alliance joined the crowd of 3,000 at Trinumeral, a
music festival held at Deerfields campground (twenty minutes from Asheville),
to encourage participation in our No
Free Refills
for the forest campaign.

We set up a giant wire sculpture whom we’ve dubbed Trash
Monster, a pile of dumpster salvaged fast-food packaging, and a few bottles of
hand sanitizer and invited festival-goers to help us show the “fast food junkies”
the monster the fast food industry has created.
We began the festival with just a KFC bucket for Trash Monster’s hat,
and by the end of the weekend, he was bursting with the excessive burger
wrappers and beverage containers that are devastating our southern forests.

We told folks about how McDonald’s has six weeks to submit
their new environmental paper packaging policy, and how we have six weeks to
remind McDonald’s of their environmental responsibilities!

We are asking McDonald’s (as well as the other ten
“junkies”) to reduce their packaging, to purchase paper products only from FSC
certified forests, and to use a higher percentage of post-consumer recycled
content. Click here to tell McDonalds to straighten up their act!

sarah hearts southern forestsfinal.jpg

Between “dressing” Trash Monster and collecting signatures
for our postcard petition to McDonald’s, we had a blast sharing with folks at
Trinumeral who we are and who we’ve got on our radar! Thanks Trinumeral!

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