Update from Wendys HQ

Sarah gives up the scoop

Working to promote environmental
awareness and activism in hopes of making a positive change in our society can
be a daunting task.

But this year we are kicking off the Wendy’s campaign here
at Ohio State in Columbus in
effort to change their purchasing practices in order to help promote the
protection of the Southern US forests. I’m
super excited to know that Wendy’s is going to hear what we want, they’re
headquartered right here in Columbus!

The CEO, the big-wig, sits just a
near 20 minutes away from the University where he can make a huge impact in
protecting our forests. It’s awesome that Free the Planet, an environmental
justice group at OSU, is teaming up with Dogwood Alliance for this Wendy’s

We’ve already collected hundreds of signatures saying we, the people,
don’t want our forests being destroyed in order to wrap hamburgers and chicken
nuggets, and they will soon be arriving to Wendy’s CEO.

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Free The Planet

Sarah - Free The Planet

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