Survey Results

A few highlights…

Take Action A couple of weeks ago we sent out a survey asking for your
feedback. Thanks for the great
response! I wanted to post a few of the
comments that were particular highlights. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration to
protect our forests!

“I think you’re doing a great job, great web presence, great
e-mail alerts and activity invites. The packaging man game is great-gets people
to spend a little time on site. The graphic of the cup on side with spill in
shape of tree is great!”

“Don’t stop. I know times are tight, but we have to maintain
a clear vision of the world we want to live in if we are going to create that

“This campaign is highly important, as Southern forests are
used, and other logging corporations competing for trees also go to boreal
forest (such as Kimberly-Clark, another maker of useless convenience items).
Thus what happens in Southern forests cause changes in the pressure on forests
everywhere. This is why I regard your work as vital, aside from the unique
aspects of each forest ecosystem.”

“I have 3 children, and while we generally try to avoid fast
food, we do sometimes stop at fast food places when we drive from OH to NC to
visit family. I have noticed that the “kids’ meals” are especially
overpackaged. For example, at Burger King, the apple fries (the healthier
alternative side) are first wrapped in cellophane (understandable), but then
the plastic bag is stuck in a cardboard fry container! Which gets tossed
immediately! And at Long John Silvers, the kids’ meal comes in a cardboard box
that is supposed to look like a laptop computer. The cardboard box is even more
wasteful than the typical unnecessary individual bag that most kids’ meals come
in. I think it would be great to try to get a kids’ campaign going, to have
children write to these companies explaining that they don’t need or want all
the extra packaging on the meals marketed to children.”

Some other feedback that I wanted to take a second to
respond to:

“Your message is unclear. A free refill does not involve an
additional cup and saves the fast food companies money.”

Dogwood: No Free Refills For the Forests

“But, then, how should it be packaged?”


Great question!

  1. Reduce their over use of
  2. Maximize the use of 100%
    post-consumer recycled boxboard, a readily available alternative.
  3. Eliminate paper packaging
    coming from the most biologically important endangered forests.
  4. Eliminate paper packaging
    coming from suppliers that are contributing to the conversion of natural
    forests into industrial pine plantations.
  5. Work with packaging suppliers
    to improve forest management practices through increased use of fiber from
    responsibly managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  6. Recycle waste in restaurants
    to divert paper and other recoverable materials from landfills.

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