It all adds up…

Yes, even those receipts. All those slick receipts tracking all those purchases really do add up.   According to the Environmental Defense website, Wal-Mart has over 757,750,000 customers every month and the average receipt given to customers is 10 inches long.. Based on those figures, Wal-Mart alone uses 895 tons of receipt paper per month […]

Fast Food: We Do Forest Destruction Right

Check out Dogwood Alliance’s newest video that illustrates the links between Southern forest destruction and the fast food industry. Visit to find out how you can help!

The Times They Are a Changin’

Changes in the world and changes at Dogwood Alliance… The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace right now: change in Washington, a rapidly changing economy, and even change here at Dogwood Alliance. This week our amazingly talented Organizing Director, Eva Hernandez, started a new position with MoveOn tackling the issues of green jobs […]

Eva and Gabe at the SEE Expo, 2008