The Proof Is In The Forest

Dogwood Alliance’s Response to’s Recent Forest Stewardship Council Certification Announcement Recently (IP), the world’s largest paper producer and the biggest paper producer in the Southern US, was tagged a top ten corporate greenwasher by Wall Street 24/7 a company providing analysis and commentary for US and global equity investors. And indeed again and again over […]

Progress in the Forest

Today marks the fourth anniversary of our historic agreement with Bowater to increase protections for our Southern forests… June 25th marks a big day in the history of Dogwood Alliance.  It was four years ago today that Dogwood Alliance signed a historic agreement with Bowater (now AbitibiBowater) that dramatically changed the way the company does […]


Using Market Forces to Protect Our Coastal Forests

Andrew waxes poetic about our work to leverage change in the marketplace to protect Cole’s favorite place… A few weeks ago I was down in Wilmington, North Carolina, the heart of Dogwood Alliance’s Coastal Forest focal area to present at the Cape Fear Arch Conservation Collaboration’s quarterly meeting. The Arch part of that name refers […]

Making a difference today!

Introducing Dogwood Alliance’s forests & carbon and corporate social responsibility intern, Vinay Lekharaju… When I started my internship at Dogwood Alliance I never realized that I would be so much into forests, carbon, woods, trees, shrubs and mountains. But within days I realized that all my mentors here have so much passion in doing what […]