Tree Hugging Database Whiz

Meet Dogwood’s Database Intern, Patrick Connelly… I knew from the time I arrived for my internship interview that Dogwood Alliance would be the place for me. I never heard about them until one of my friends from UNC Asheville blurted out their name when we were talking about what we were going to do when […]

Public Overwhelmingly Rejects Genetically Engineered Trees

Nearly 17,500 public comments were sent to the US Department of Agriculture opposing their recommendation for approval of an ArborGen proposal to plant over a quarter of a million genetically engineered (GE) eucalyptus trees. Only 39 favorable comments were received by the USDA. If allowed, the plantings would take place on 330 acres of land across seven states in the Southern U.S., to supposedly feed future cellulosic ethanol production.

We Miss You Sarah T!

Celebrating Sarah T’s last day at Dogwood Alliance.. Last week at Dogwood Alliance, one of our valued employees and dear friend, Sarah Thompson, spent her last days in the office.  Sarah has been working for Dogwood for about a year carrying a smile on her at all times.  Her lively spirit will be missed, but […]

From China to Duke to Dogwood Alliance

Meet another of Dogwood Alliance’s amazing summer interns, Jingjing Zhu… My undergraduate major was environmental science. As I learned more and more knowledge on scientific and engineering issues I realized that policy and management are also important and I like to see what else we can do to solve the environmental problems in China. Almost […]