We Miss You Sarah T!

Celebrating Sarah T’s last day at Dogwood Alliance..

Last week at Dogwood Alliance, one of our valued employees and dear friend, Sarah Thompson, spent her last days in the office.  Sarah has been working for Dogwood for about a year carrying a smile on her at all times.  Her lively spirit will be missed, but we are proud of her work done here, as well as the work she will embark on. Sara has flown to Hawaii on a one way ticket!

2009 Staff and Interns

For her last days, it was only natural that the Dogwood crew spent it together, planting our feet on the very ground that we are working to protect, the ground that brought us here, working for Dogwood. The Dogwood crew trekked the trails of Bent Creek post-lunch on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. It was important to the crew to take an afternoon of leisure in appreciation of the gorgeous nature that surrounds us and is in need our protection. Hiking was a great way to remind us what we are fighting for and what has brought us together. After our hike, those that brought bathing suits, cooled down in the lake. It was a great afternoon spent enjoying nature and Sarah’s last day.

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