Welcome Lindsey, Dogwood’s New Organizer!

Look out Fast Food Giant – you know who you are…

As we move into a new decade, we’re excited to kick off the New Year with a new face in the office.  In early January, we hired Lindsey Simerly as our new organizer to help take our No Free Refills campaign (targeting the fast food industry) to a whole new level.  Lindsey brings a wealth of community organizing experience to our team.

At 23 years old, Lindsey decided to run for City Council in Asheville, campaigning using only her bike for transportation, pushing a progressive environmental and social agenda and generating new interest in local politics from young voters.  Since then, she has become a celebrity-like organizer in town, most recently playing a major role in the successfull campaigns of progressive political candidates.

Lindsey couldn’t have joined Dogwood Alliance at a better time.  We’ve successfully leveraged change with most of the largest corporate consumers of office paper and some of the biggest consumers of paper packaging.  Even some of the big paper producers in the South are making real improvements.  But, (IP) and one of its big fast food customers continue to lag behind, and stand in the way of broad sweeping protection for Southern forests.

On the cutting edge of online organizing and with creative, out-of-the-box strategic thinking, Lindsey is a real asset to Dogwood as we gear up for a fun and exciting new campaign  that challenges one of the biggest fast food giants in the world to stop destroying Southern forests with their wasteful paper packaging.  Stay tuned….our packaging campaign is about to get really fun!


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