ACTION: Lindsey’s Ready to Ruffle Some Feathers with Dogwood’s Newest Campaign

The clock is ticking for one of the country’s largest fast-food giants. Brand archetype McDonalds is already talking with Dogwood Alliance about ways to reduce their paper packaging consumption and incorporate more recycled paper products, so who’s left hiding their head in the sand? Hmmm… Could it be…????

You’ll find out on April 8, 2010 when Dogwood Alliance launches the next phase of its No Free Refills for the Forests paper packaging campaign, with our creative and energetic new organizer, Lindsey Simerly, taking to the streets.

“Our newest campaign will tackle a well-known fast food chain that represents a serious threat to Southern forests, but we’ll do it in a way that is fun and family-focused, with a down-home Southern flavor,” says Simerly. “There will be ways for more kids to be involved, and we’ll use a lot more digital media to engage volunteers who may not be able to be active on the ground.”

Lindsey has already been working with other groups and building new alliances in the fast-food giant’s headquarters city, forming connections that will spread Dogwood’s message of forest conservation throughout multiple venues.

“You can feel the energy and success already heating up,” she says.

Lindsey is a veteran organizer with a strong background in social media — so get your Facebook and Twitter accounts ready to rock and roll, and sign up to join the action! Lindsey’s no chicken, so this won’t be a timid campaign. You’ll have many opportunities to be involved (in cyber space or in real life) and lots of ways to have fun doing it!

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