Dogwood Alliance Calls on KFC to Stop Destroying Our Forests

KFC’s packaging is directly contributing to the destruction of our Southern forests. While other leading fast food companies are working hard to adopt sustainable packaging policies, KFC continues to make its famous buckets from trees that were harvested from pristine forests across the South.

Kentucky Fried Forests

Dogwood Alliance Responds to International Paper’s Sale of 5.1 Million Acres

Southern forests are some of the most biologically rich and diverse in the world, but have been exploited for generations by the pulp and paper industry and much of the beauty and true value of our forests has been lost to unsustainable forestry practices including large-scale clear-cutting and the conversion of native forests to sterile pine plantations.[…]

Comments Keep Rolling in on the KFC Campaign

A choice sampling of some of the great feedback we have been receiving on our KFC campaign… keep it coming! Calling KFC’s moral commitment into question “I do have compassion for your organization’s noble quest; but, sigh, I do think that if a company devalues our ecosystem in one aspect, I have little hope of […]