The Twelve Days of Dogwood

The Twelve Days of Dogwood
Our 2010 Highlights Will Put You in the Holiday Spirit

1. KFC’s Been Naughty – Dogwood’s Been Nice
In April, we launched the latest campaign in our push to change the paper industry — this one targeted at KFC, whose wasteful fast food packaging is coming from destroyed wetland forests and other critical ecosystems in the Southern US. Guess who their main supplier is? You guessed it: IP aka “The Grinch”.
2. Georgia Pacific Provides Some Holiday Cheer
GP kicked off our holiday season with the best gift of all: a very public commitment to stop sourcing from any future pine plantations established at the expense of natural hardwood forests and from endangered forests. Plus, GP will become the first company in history to map endangered forests throughout the South.
3. McDonalds Doesn’t Clown Around
The world’s most recognized fast food brand went on record with their commitment to adopt a global forest policy. Joy to the world!
4. Coke Joins the Carbon Canopy and 145,000 Other Reasons to be Thankful
The Carbon Canopy, launched in 2009, grew significantly. The Coca-Cola Company joined Staples and other industry leaders in the Carbon Canopy in 2010, lending its mega-brand value and financial resources to support expanded forest conservation, and restoration in the South. But even better, the is the 145,000 acres of forests Carbon Canopy helped get placed on the Climate Action Reserve’s Carbon Registry by two of the region’s largest landowners.
5. What’s Worse than a Stocking Full of Coal?
How about burning forests for fuel? Dogwood stepped up big time in 2010 to help stop this new trend in “bio-energy” head on by debunking industry myths and sharing the facts. We even entered straight into the belly of the beast by being the keynote debate at Biomass South 2010 industry conference.
6. Mega-Packaging Consumers Commit to Green Packaging
That’s right some of the biggest companies in the Health and Beauty and Entertainment industries that get their packaging from Southern forests adopted new environmental paper packaging policies: GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Universal Music Group and Sony Home Entertainment.
7. Making the Grade
Our 2010 Green Grades report shows you who’s been naughty and who’s been nice throughout the paper industry. You can also see who’s made strides in the right direction!
8. When Good Trees Go Bad
Dogwood Alliance joined the Sierra Club, the Center for Food Safety and others in filing a lawsuit against the US Department of Agriculture to stop the introduction of genetically engineered Eucalyptus trees in the South.
9. Helping Us All Breathe a Little Easier
Dogwood’s Sustaining Our Defense report explains how sustainable forests are a huge asset in the fight against climate change — and how poorly managed ones do even more harm than we thought.
10. How the Grinch Stole Forests
If there’s a Grinch to be had this holiday season, it’s certainly , who still harvests from endangered forests and supports damaging monoculture pine plantations. They’ve even donned a Grinchy-greenwashed coat with their endorsement of SFI. But not to fear, Dogwood won’t stop until IP has a change of heart!
11. Our Buddy Cole Shows His Spirit
Cole, that extraordinary third grader who mobilized his entire school to send postcards to McDonald’s and KFC, won the first ever Forest Defender of the Year Award from Dogwood Alliance and the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes. Way to go, Cole!
12. The Best Gift Ever!
That one’s easy — it’s people like you! Dogwood was truly blessed to have the gifts of time, talent, money and support of hundreds of people in 2010. When it comes to saving Southern forests, that’s the most important gift of all. THANK YOU!

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