Volunteering Does Make a Difference!

The other day someone asked me why I chose to spend my limited free time serving on the board of an organization (they didn’t know much about Dogwood Alliance, but I filled them in). When I already work long hours doing advocacy work in Texas where we are definitely fighting an uphill battle – how, they wondered, did I find the time and the energy to commit to giving to another organization. It’s really simple – how can I not?

The work that Dogwood Alliance is doing is some of the most important forest protection work in the world. Dogwood Alliance is transforming multi million dollar coroporations, saving millions of acres of trees, and empowering people across the Southeast to get involved in protecting the heritage and beauty of the South. Dogwood is the definition of small but mighty, and Dogwood is changing the name of the game.

How does Dogwood make it happen? Of course there are some incredibly talented staff, but also because of the commitments from volunteers across the country. The best thing is that there really is something for everyone. From serving on the Board of Directors, to becoming a petition captain, to hosting a house party and everything in between there really is an opportunity for everyone. And I’m asking that anyone who read this – commit something. An hour a week, 20 hours a day, 5 hours a month – whatever you have to give is invaluable to the protection of our forests.

Everyone volunteers for different reasons, some people find specific rewards, some people see their role in building a movement, some people volunteer to make friends. Whatever your reason is – find it and do it.

All the work WE are doing together to protect our forests is so important – not only so the forests can be around for future generations to enjoy – but also because of the work the forests are doing to mitigate climate change. To read more about the role of forests in fighting climate change – click http://www.fao.org/newsroom/en/focus/2006/1000247/index.html

And – to get involved in protecting our forests email [email protected].

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