Colonel Sanders, Memories of Destruction, Chapter 3

Today is the third installment of our Colonel Sanders, Memories of Destruction Series.  Currently, KFC is cashing in on memories of the Colonel with where they are collecting photos and stories of the Colonel.  We think that if the Colonel were alive today he wouldn’t be too happy with having his face on millions of buckets made from clearcut Southern forests.

We are releasing our own series of photos of the Colonel on our blogFacebook and Twitter with creative captions to match what’s happening in the photos.  We would love it if you would post captions of your own by commenting on the pictures on our blog and Facebook, and share these photos with your friends.  You might even consider grabbing the photo and making it your profile picture for a day or two, or posting it on KFC’s wall.

Here is the third photo from Jim of the “Colonel’s Crew:”

Colonel Sanders meet baby Ben Stumped

“I met the Colonel in 1970 when he was on a speaking tour.  I was a young man then and I wasn’t really sure sure what to do with myself, and the Colonel’s story of hard work paying off really inspired me.  Ever since then I guess have been pretty fascinated with the guy.  About 5 years ago, I started growing my beard and mustache and dressing up as the Colonel for fun.  I heard about Bill, and the other guys and we started getting together and formed the Colonel’s Crew.  Well, last year we were doing our act down in Wilmington North Carolina and this guy named Scot from some organization called Dogwood Alliance came up to me and asked me if we were interested in going to check out what KFC is doing to the forests to make their chicken buckets. When we got out there and saw those clearcuts, I just couldn’t believe it.  It was awful, and it made me so mad that they put the Colonel’s face on buckets that are destroying our wetland forests.  I think if he were alive today it would just make him sick.”

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