15 for the Forests: Dogwood Wins EPA Award in 2000

Dogwood Alliance is celebrating 15 years of protecting forests, and we’re sharing the stories of our successes along the way with a monthly blog post series, “15 for the Forests.” This is post 1 of 15.

Global Enviro Groups Call Out SFI in New Report

Today, we joined a global coalition of environmental groups to release “On the Ground 2011: Controversies in PEFC & SFI” which details how the two certification schemes are not protecting forests, including a chapter on IP, SFI and the Green Swamp in Southeastern NC.

Spotlight on Food: Fun with Forest Fungi

Today is the National Blog Action Day with a focus on food in honor of World Food Day. We decided to focus on food from our forests and specifically, mushrooms!

Organizing Youth, Making a Difference

Our amazing summer Youth Outreach Intern, Sarah Ludwig, reflects on working with awesome youth around Western NC to make a difference for our forests and environment…

Sarah at Camp Celo