One Big Stink:IP’s Reigelwood Paper Mill largest toxic emitter In NC

A recent report by the Southern Environmental Law Center, puts Columbus County at the top of the list when it comes to toxic air pollution based on 2010 Federal Environmental Protection Agency Data. Ranked higher than any other county in the state for the pounds of toxic pollution released into the air, Columbus County industries released nearly 4 million pounds compared with the second highest ranked county for toxic pollution, New Hanover County, with slightly more than 3 million pounds released.

The Southern Environmental Law Center emphasizes that toxic air pollution includes chemicals known to cause cancer. Columbus County ranked number one in the amount of known carcinogens released totaling 197,082 pounds –that is just three positions ahead of Brunswick County, ranked fourth with 103,151 pounds of known carcinogens released into the air.

And, the single largest emitter of toxics in the state, is ’s Riegelwood Mill which releases more than 3.9 million pounds a year, according to the report.  Nice…

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  1. Cheri Hawkins

    Hi Mr. Goldberg: My family lives near the Riegelwood mill. Have the regulations on polluting the environment gotten any better since 2011 (when the article was written)?


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