Dogwood’s Look at International Paper’s New Sustainability Report

Yesterday’s release of International Paper’s 2012 Sustainability Report could indeed mark a true acceleration in the greening of the forest products industry, particularly the pulp and paper sector, which remains one of the most environmentally destructive industries on the planet…or not.

Forests Win with Dogwood’s IP Victory

After 10 years of campaigning, Dogwood Alliance was finally able to form a partnership with International Paper (IP) to advance forest conservation in the southern U.S. What does Dogwood’s new partnership with International Paper mean for forests? What do forests really get out of it?

The Days Since the Our Forests Aren’t Fuel Campaign Launch

We’ve been busy here at Dogwood Alliance in the days since the Our Forests Not Fuel campaign launch in partnership with our allies at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Most importantly, we’ve been spreading the word about these big utility companies who are cutting down our trees to produce electricity while calling their unsustainable practices “green” and “renewable.”

Our Forests Aren't Fuel

Dogwood Celebrates

With our recent victory on the IP paper campaign and the Our Forests Aren’t Fuel campaign launch, we wanted to spread the word, connect with long-time and potential supporters, and just plain celebrate. Kind and generous Dogwood fans hosted gatherings, parties, and events for us in the South, inviting their friends, families, colleagues, and other environmentalists to join in the fun!