Geostellar and the Solarcoaster Effect

Because Dogwood Alliance is solution-oriented, envisioning a clean energy future with the power of wind, solar and conservation/efficiency, we’ve partnered with Geostellar, America’s first and largest online solar marketplace. For those who care deeply about forests and don’t want utility companies to burn them for fuel, choosing solar is saying, “I’m investing in a truly clean, renewable energy future.”

For each forest lover who chooses solar, Geostellar will donate a percentage of sales to Dogwood Alliance: a double investment in forest protection!

To help our forest-loving friends get the best deal, Geostellar provides an instant, free assessment of the benefits of solar for each individual, based on a scientific analysis of each home’s rooftop sunlight intensity, incentives and conventional electricity costs. Geostellar is a transparent online marketplace where homeowners compare installation and financing options.

By typing your address into the box below, you’ll get a free, personalized estimate of the cost of solar installation for your home. Plus, it’s fun!


Geostellar helps homeowners find the best deal on solar by comparing and tailoring a wide variety of installation and financing options. Through advanced simulations on an intuitive social platform, Geostellar lowers the cost of solar, making it more competitive with conventional electricity. Not only is the use of solar better for the environment, but rising incentives outweigh intense sunshine and high utility bills for surprising results. As this cool “solarcoaster” graph shows, solar builds wealth for most in the nation faster than stocks, bonds or money in the bank:

Geostellar Solar Index

Learn more about the Geostellar Solar Index

Geostellar is the recipient of numerous awards, including selection as an IHS Energy Innovation Pioneer, the Global Cleantech100, the Global Cleantech Cluster Association’s Best of Solar and the AlwaysOn GoingGreen Global 200.

Learn more about our friends at Geostellar by visiting or follow Geostellar on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

2 Responses to “Geostellar and the Solarcoaster Effect”

  1. Jacob Lewis

    Hi there. I live in an rv, and I’m trying to improve my all around fuel efficiency and become as self sustaining as possible. I’d like to cover 2/3 of my roof with solar panels, but I obviously don’t have an address to type in on your site. What would my potential power output be & how much would the panels cost to cover a 10×15 area?

    • Amanda Rodriguez

      Thanks for your interest in solarizing your RV, Jacob! That’s wonderful! For your estimate, please contact Geostellar directly at 1-855-570-7235 or email them at: [email protected]. Good luck!


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