Our Forests Need Your Help: Write a Letter to the Editor of Your Local Paper


Since Dogwood Alliance launched the “Our Forests Aren’t Fuel” campaign a few months ago nearly 20,000 of you have sent messages and letters to the CEO’s of Enviva, Drax and Dominion Power, the main culprits burning trees to generate electricity. You rock! Combine your letters with the flurry of news stories over the past few weeks in North Carolina and Europe, and we’ve clearly gotten the attention of the major players. In fact, many of you even got an email recently from Enviva, the South’s biggest exporter of wood pellets for fuel to Europe.

Together, let’s show Enviva and the others that we’re not giving up until they stop destroying our amazing Southern forests and burning them to generate electricity.

The bottom line is that Enviva, in turning trees from clearcut wetland forests into wood pellets, is threatening some of the world’s most unique forests. In a surrounding sea of pine plantations, these wetland forests, which have already been reduced to a fraction of their original range, serve as lifeboats for countless species, especially birds like the Prothonatary Warbler (pictured above), a songbird native to these endangered wetlands.

Please add your voice to the critical story unfolding and write a Letter To the Editor (LTE) of your local paper. Please sign up here by clicking this link to contact me, Tom Llewellyn, Dogwood’s Campaign Organizer, and I’ll help you tailor your letter to send to your local media, no matter where you are.

We need your help to keep our forests in the public spotlight. Please contact me, and I’ll gladly give you all the help you need to send a letter to your local paper.

Thanks to you we are already making an impact with these companies, and our campaign continues to gain momentum! Your continued engagement is vital for us to give voice to the trees and protect our wetland forests from the terrible destructive force of biomass.

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