Dogwood Goes to Power Shift

With the call to action of THIS IS OUR POWER SHIFT, over 6,000 youth climate activists made the trek to Pittsburgh, PA from all corners of the United States and even a few other countries. This was the 4th installment of the semi-annual Power Shift conference and the first time it has occurred outside of Washington, DC.

As consensus has become clear that the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil and other carbon intense fuels like trees are having an unprecedented effect on global climate, it has become clear that truly renewable energy sources and conservation throughout all aspects of life are necessary. This is why we were at Power Shift, because the evidence is far too striking and the incredible damage that could be done to the planet from false solutions like biomass power generation from whole trees are not an option.

There was a strong interest and concern shown by attendees in Bioenergy and the Our Forests Aren’t Fuel campaign as groups of more than 20 gathered again and again throughout the day to hear short presentations and learn how they can educate their communities and campuses back home and across the country on this issue. We’re looking forward to further engaging student bodies throughout the Southeastern US to stand up to the wood pellet producers and state-subsidized utilities who are driving the destruction of our few remaining native bottomland hardwood wetland forests. Engaging more than 1,000 people throughout the event, we also collected nearly 200 signatures on our petition to Enviva LP, Drax Group and Dominion Power.

In addition to educating conference participants about the Our Forests Aren’t Fuel Campaign and the growing threat that the industrial biomass industry poses to our nation’s forests, we also supported Active Students for a Healthy Environment (ASHE), an environmental club from the University of North Carolina Asheville with free transportation for some of their members to and from the event.

In years past, much of Power Shift’s focus has been directed into legislative action and to lobbying congressional legislators in Washington, DC. This year things were different, with the impacts of climate change stronger. There were more instances of thousands of people taking to the streets, rallying for an end to ‘natural gas’ fracking (another false solution) and engaging in civil disobedience.

Taking a stand and refusing to get pushed aside by the massive carbon polluters will only strengthen our position when our representatives come to the table.

Take action to stop utility companies from burning our forests for electricity

For the forests,






Tom Llewellyn
Campaign Organizer
Dogwood Alliance

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