Ending the Rush to Burn

Burning the forests that are supposed to be our best defense against climate change to protect us against climate change has to be one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve ever heard. Yet over the last few years, Europe has wholeheartedly embraced this false solution to climate change, and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in logging in the Southern US to fuel European demand. Along the way, the US South has become the largest wood pellet export region in the world.

This is How We Do It: Paper & Dogwood

In 2014, a key part of our work to secure a legacy of forest protection is the implementation of our agreements with forest products giants Georgia-Pacific and International Paper. Now that we have a seat at the table, Dogwood Alliance will remain vigilant to make sure that promises are kept.

Carbon Canopy is Changing the World

We did it! In November at the U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild Trade Show in Philadelphia, the Carbon Canopy announced transactions for carbon offsets from our first two projects in Western North Carolina and Southwest Virginia. So what do you do in 2014 after a successful launch of the Carbon Canopy’s first transactions?

Save North Carolina’s Hofmann Forest

North Carolina State University (NCSU) is attempting to sell their Hofmann Forest, an extremely large tract of pine forests and pocosin wetlands located near Jacksonville, NC. TAKE ACTION TO SAVE HOFMANN FOREST!