Measure Twice and Cut Less: Verification & Rigor in Carbon Canopy

One of the hallmarks of Dogwood Alliance’s Carbon Canopy forest carbon project has been an insistence on rigor in our carbon accounting and in our forest management certification. So, what does this “rigor” really mean? For our forest carbon projects it means a lot of work.

Dogwood Alliance Heartwood Carbon Canopy

Vote for the Biggest Biomass Baddie

Our friends at Biofuelwatch in the UK are organizing an Alternative Biomess Awards Ceremony on April 9th in London. They’re shining a spotlight on the who’s who of companies investing in promoting biomass, a false solution to climate change, along with the biggest pellet makers in the Southern US and Canada that are sending our forests off to the UK to be burned for electricity.

Dogwood Alliance is Going to Spain

This year Dogwood Alliance will be attending the tri-annual General Assembly in Seville, Spain, marking the 20th anniversary of Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) efforts to bring different stakeholders together to find a sustainable future for the world’s forests and the people who inhabit them.

Monster Enviva Wood Pellet Plants Invade Northeast NC Communities

In November of 2011, Enviva, a major corporate wood pellet producer with international sales, began operations at a rebuilt, former Georgia Pacific sawmill in Ahoskie, NC. Residents close to the plant have faced 24/7 extreme noise and lights, dust that coats cars, buildings, and lungs in just a few minutes, along with dangerous heavy truck traffic. While European power plants seek huge shipments of wood pellets as supposedly “greener” fuel than the coal they burned in the past, eastern North Carolina has turned into the Southeast’s latest energy colony.