Dogwood Says Goodbye and Hello

Dogwood Board Chair, Steve Kallan, introduces himself while bidding farewell to outgoing board members and welcoming new board members.

Anti-biomass and Coal Campaigners Disrupt Drax AGM

Campaigners have disrupted Drax Plc’s AGM in London today, calling for the power station to be closed down because of the environmental and social impacts of the biomass and coal that it is burning.

Watch a Webinar on Forests & Climate

I was so excited to see this recent U.S. Department of the Interior webinar from leading experts on forests and climate: The Role of Forests in Mitigating Climate Change.

Carbon Canopy Forests and Climate

‘Biomess Award’ Given to UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change

Campaigners have awarded the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) the “Biomess Award” after coming out on top of an online poll coinciding with a major biomass industry conference in London, with Drax and the Green Investment Bank coming a close second and third place, respectively.

Biomass Conversion is the Wrong Direction for Ireland

Considering a Moneypoint Biomass Conversion is the Wrong Direction for Ireland, US and UK environmental groups warn. The Switch to Biomass Would Endanger Southern U.S. Forests, Increase Carbon Emissions and Harm Communities in Ireland and Abroad

Ireland's Moneypoint coal power station to be converted to biomass