Dogwood Says Goodbye and Hello

This is a guest post from Steve Kallan, the Chair of Dogwood Alliance’s Board of Directors

Dogwood Says Goodbye to Faithful Board Members and Says Hello to New Inductees

As the new chair of Dogwood’s Board of Directors, I wanted to introduce myself, celebrate the amazing work our outgoing board members have done for Dogwood and for our forests, and tell you a bit about our talented incoming board members.

I’m Steve Kallan. I live in Weaverville, NC, just down the road from Dogwood headquarters in Asheville. In my personal business, I work with non-profits to help facilitate their development and face all the challenges that come with organizational growth. When I first started working with Dogwood, I was so impressed with their dedication to growth, communication, and strategy. They are a smart and effective group whose successes are well-earned, and I feel privileged to be a part of that.


The lovely view from Steve Kallan’s home in Weaverville


This year, we’re saying goodbye to both Dr. Bob Cabin and Dr. Dan Abel. Bob is a professor of ecology and environmental science at Brevard College who co-chaired our Program Committee with Dan. Dan is a professor of marine science at Coastal Carolina University (CCU) in Conway, SC. Together, Bob and Dan worked on a very important scientist letter that we submitted to the UK government about how biomass (burning trees for electricity) isn’t renewable or good for our climate.

Campaign Director, Scot Quaranda says,

“Dan Abel is one of my science heroes and his work has done so much to further the protection of our oceans and Southern forests. So grateful for all of his hard work and the opportunity to be wowed by his crazy adventures with sharks and wildlife around the globe.”

Director of Corporate Engagement, Andrew Goldberg says:

“Bob Cabin is a true conservationist. From his scholarship on conserving endangered plants and his teaching at Brevard College to his service for Dogwood. Bob has walked the walk.”

Laura Floyd is a native coastal South Carolinian who has been a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and has held leadership positions and participated in environmental advocacy for over thirty years. Laura used her invaluable expertise from her bookkeeping and consulting business as the treasurer of Dogwood board.

Associate Director, Helen Powell-Busch, says,

“Laura has a wonderful sense of humor, is completely dependable, and is skilled at asking for support for Dogwood. She also has the cutest and most well-behaved little Yorkie ever, named Tilly.”

Eva Hernandez used to be Dogwood’s Campaign Director way back when. She did amazing work to facilitate Dogwood’s strategic board focus and efforts as its board chair. Now she devotes her considerable talents to the Lone Star chapter of the Sierra Club’s coal campaign.

Director of Corporate Engagement, Andrew Goldberg, says,

“Eva and I started working for Dogwood Alliance on the same day back in 2005. Her enthusiasm and skill as an organizer were just plain contagious. As our board chair, her enthusiasm and skill in leading this organization was just galvanizing. She is truly a great activist and leader for environmental change. We want her back!”

Germane James helped take the Dogwood board to the next level as our board development chair. Germane brings her dedication and social justice background to Durham’s North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence as their Communications & Development Coordinator.

Associate Director, Helen Powell-Busch, says,

“Germane took the role of development chair to the next level and introduced us to social justice communities in NC. She’s got a big smile and a beloved dog, Bud.”

Ryan Black who served diligently on Dogwood’s Executive Committee is the Energy & Climate Project manager at Coastal Conservation League.

Executive Director, Danna Smith, says,

“Ryan hit the ground running with boundless enthusiasm and new ideas for helping Dogwood. Having worked for the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League, Ryan provided a critical link between Dogwood and the coastal forests of South Carolina.”

We also welcome newcomer Clara Vondrich of Fenton (a social change communications agency) in New York to our program/communications committee, and we welcome back former board member and long-time supporter, John “The Baker” Beal. Bicycle enthusiast John has served as the fundraising committee chair as well as the board chair in the past, and now we are excited to have him back as our board development chair.

Clara Vondrich

Amanda Rodriguez, Dogwood’s Marketing & Membership Coordinator, says,

“John is the hardest working, kindest, calmest person I’ve ever met, and it doesn’t hurt that he and I can geek out about our unconditional love of bicycles and cycling.”

John the Baker


Operations Coordinator, Suzanna Baum says,

“Clara came to our board this year with an incredible gusto and full of ideas! She’s a perfect fit to our up-leveling atmosphere here at Dogwood, and I look forward to the ways in which we will grow together from all that she brings to the table.”

I look forward to another year of leading-edge forest protection work with our amazing team at Dogwood Alliance.







Steve Kallan
Board of Directors Chair
Dogwood Alliance

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