Happy World Wetlands Day

Today, February 2nd is World Wetlands Day. At Dogwood Alliance, we’re taking today to specially recognize the beauty and value of our wetland forests. On this day in particular, we want to share the wonder of wetlands with all our friends and partners.

Awe-inspiring North Carolina Wetlands
Awe-inspiring North Carolina Wetlands

Though many consider wetlands to be uninhabitable swamps, in truth, they are the beating heart of many vital ecosystems. They are biodiverse havens for countless species of animals and plants. They filter our water and air. They protect us from floods. They are homes to many Southern communities.

Wetlands also give us something more intangible; they give us tranquility and adventure. As lifeforms upon this planet and as human beings, these ancient forests take care of us in so many ways.

Dogwood has spent nearly two decades protecting wetland forests from industrial logging. We’ve protected millions of acres by changing the practices of some of the largest corporations in the world. Today we continue that fight against the bioenergy industry, which seeks to clearcut these precious wetland forests, ship them over to Europe and burn them for electricity all in the name of profit. We’re going to put a stop to this absurd excuse for “renewable energy”.

Though we should never forget what we’re fighting to protect, let’s take today to stand in awe of these powerful, majestic wetland forests, to honor all that they do for us and to make a pledge to do our part to preserve them.

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