Welcome Christian, Dogwood’s New Director of Finance and Operations

Dogwood Alliance is happy to welcome our new Director of Finance and Operations, Christian Stolz. Since 2002, Christian has worked all over the world managing international development projects. Most recently, he was in Sierra Leone and Zambia, following four years in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Alongside the Congo river, in Kinshasa, DRC.
Christian alongside the Congo river, in Kinshasa, DRC.

Christian discovered Dogwood Alliance in 1999 while attending a  summer course through St. Lawrence University that focused on the sociological and environmental issues of the Adirondacks and Southern Appalachia. Christian got to spend time in the Adirondacks, Boone, Asheville, and in Kentucky and Tennessee. One of the many community organizing groups his class met with was Dogwood. When Christian and his wife returned to North Carolina, Dogwood was already on his radar. They both love this area.

Christian finds working at Dogwood to be exciting, interesting and an intellectual challenge. His favorite part, though, is the eclectic group of people that make up Dogwood. Christian says,

“I love working with such a tight-knit team. Even as it grows, it’s got this awesome mix of people with all this history and passion who’ve been doing it forever like Scot and Helen and Danna, but then new people are coming in, too, with new ideas and new excitement. It’s been a lot of fun and a complete change of pace for me.”

 Christian most looks forward to creating optimal infrastructure that will benefit the organization as a whole. He says,

“Dogwood is at this real opportune place right now. There is some real momentum behind its campaigns. It has several new resources as well as this longer term vision for what it wants to achieve. Being a part of the process to help make that happen is amazing.”

Christian attempting to adjust to winter again after 10+ years in the tropics.

Christian is happy to live in a place where he can enjoy the outdoors. He currently lives with his wife in Hendersonville. He says,

“Our house is in the woods, and we love being outside. We’ve lived in too many cities that are entirely paved, and so being able to have my home in nature is exciting to me.”

Christian plays hockey in the Asheville Hockey League, in Carrier Park. He’s a hiker, and an avid music lover.


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  1. Janet Smith

    Hey Shannon, so glad you joined Dogwood Alliance! We need all the help we can get to fight the wood pellet industry. So infuriating that UK is cutting down our forests to reduce their carbon footprint.


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