Dogwood Alliance Welcomes Summer 2015 Interns Pt. 1

Rachel (right) in Monteverde, Costa Rica.
Rachel (right) in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Rachel Weber

We have lovely new interns starting at Dogwood Alliance this month, and we’re excited to introduce you to them! The first intern, Rachel Weber, you’ve already met, as she has been an avid member of Dogwood Alliance since she first interned with us in the summer of 2014. Rachel worked on the Carbon Canopy Project and gathered photos for the Our Forests Aren’t Fuel campaign. While working her internship at Dogwood Alliance, Rachel showed such exemplary initiative and insight. As a result, she was asked to become a board member this past year. We are so honored to be able to have Rachel working with us as an intern again this summer. She has never failed to bring her hard working, positive personality to the table and exceed our expectations. Join us in welcoming her back!




JohannaH Ramer

Next up is, Johannah Ramer. Johannah discovered Dogwood Alliance through the Stanback Internship Program at Duke University. “Being in the Master of Environmental Management (MEM) program at Duke University’s Nicholas School there are several internship in the Stanback program that peaked my interest but the position at Dogwood Alliance was the one that stuck. The mission of Dogwood rang true to my interests as it is unique in how they address the issues that they are most passionate about from all angles.”

Johannah says that when she was younger the woods had a majestic quality. She explains,

“There was no made-up adventure that was too big for the forest to fuel.”

As she grew up she said that the forests became a place for her to go to clear her head. Whether it’s camping, a day hike, or field work, she finds peace in the forests that is unattainable anywhere else.

Johannah in Las Alpujarra's of the Andalucia region of Spain with friends.
Johannah in Las Alpujarra’s of the Andalucia region of Spain with friends.

Johannah likes that Dogwood is a growing non-profit that is looking forward to create real change. She’s most looking forward to helping further that work and gaining valuable skills. She sees being in Asheville and working with “bright and passionate people” as a huge benefit.

Johannah’s hobbies range “from the most mundane to thrill seeking.” She says, “I am an avid reader and I do not discriminate on genres and with that a discoverer of seemingly useless information. I love starting conversations, and all forms of exploring (hiking, traveling, rock climbing, camping, sailing, scuba diving).”

We’re very excited to be working with Johannah and Rachel this summer!

Stay tuned for more interns to come!

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