Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF) Attendees Join Dogwood Alliance in Saying “Our Forests Aren’t Fuel!”

This year, Dogwood Alliance intern Audrey Howarth linked up with Lake Eden Arts Festival to bring forest protection to the Asheville community. Below, Audrey reflects on the festival, and her joy of working with people who are passionate about our Southern forests!

Intern Guest Post by Audrey Howarth

Dogwood had a wonderful turn out at the LEAF festival in Downtown Asheville! A big shout out to all the staff members and volunteers that came out and promoted our Biomass campaign! Thanks to your enthusiasm we were able to collect over 200 photo petitions to send overseas to European policy makers.

Our Forests Aren’t Fuel!

Despite a little noise competition from our location right next to the main stage, we had many engaging conversations with locals who share our passion for the environment. Children and adults alike were drawn to our tent by the blown up posters of Enviva’s clearcuts. It didn’t hurt to be located right next to the delectable cupcakes of Short Street Cakes!

Jodi Rhoden from Short Street Cakes stands up for NC forests!

I was pleasantly surprised by Ashevillians’ enthusiasm to learn more about bioenergy. Even those who were hesitant to have their photo taken for a petition were curious to learn more and took fact sheets.

Another Asheville family for forests!

I feel incredibly fortunate to work for an organization and live in a city that has so much passion for the beautiful forests that surround us!

Dogwood Alliance intern Audrey Howarth gets ready for a day of collecting photo petitions from fellow forests lovers!

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