Black Lives Matter

movementnotmomentThese last few weeks have been riddled with multiple new incidents of police shootings of black men, a horrific reminder, once again, of the need for us to stand up, speak out and unquestionably assert that Black Lives Matter. Even here in our own hometown of Asheville, NC, we pour our hearts out to the Williams family who lost Jerry last weekend.

We have great respect for most police officers, who serve and protect honorably, and along with Black Lives Matter, we condemn the violent acts committed by an individual against the Dallas police forces. However, the shootings last week represent only a small fraction of the unlawful and unjustified killings of black Americans by a small number of law enforcement personnel that has been going on for too long.

The rampant police violence against black people is a manifestation of a broader societal culture of institutionalized racism, where African Americans and other people of color continue to be consistently marginalized throughout our political, economic and justice systems. It is impossible to remain silent in the face of such injustice.

As an organization rooted in a belief that everyone deserves to live in a safe, healthy environment we stand in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement in calling for an end to police brutality and racism in America and for economic, social and environmental justice for all.

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