Federal Environmental Assault Reinforces the Need for Dogwood’s Work

Last week, we saw a rash of disturbing actions and communications coming out of the new administration. Among them: efforts to advance the Keystone XL and Dakota access pipelines, new goals for massively scaling up fossil fuel extraction on public lands, huge funding cuts to the EPA, and climate change programs and more.

While protecting the environment can still be used as a political wedge issue, the restoration economy (with clean energy and conservation as core pillars) represents the next economic frontier and is in line with what the majority of Americans want. Hopefully one day soon, a shared vision and work for true environmental stewardship will be seen and supported for what it is:

Our legacy for future generations.

Given what is happening at the federal level, our work to continue expanding the forest protection movement in the South and beyond is more important than ever. We remain dedicated to: pushing back the threat of burning forests for electricity, advancing positive policy changes at international, local and state levels, supporting environmentally responsible wood use in huge industries, and advancing large landscape conservation for wetland forests. We will also work diligently to integrate forest protection as a part of the climate change movement and support our allies in broader social and environmental efforts.

People power is ultimately what drives meaningful change.

We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you and a wide range of others to support 21st century forest conservation, community health and resilience, and democracy in action!

Join the Movement!

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