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Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are wake-up calls for all of us to boldly and seriously tackle climate change. One way to do that? Protect Southeastern natural forests now. Richmond County is already facing numerous environmental justice threats and their forests are being threatened by a wood pellet facility from Enviva. The clock is running out, and it’s time to Rise Up with Richmond County. Take a minute today, September 26, to make a call to Governor Cooper and encourage him to end the destructive logging practices carried out by Enviva that devastate our rural Southern communities, like Richmond County, and hinder efforts to slow climate change. A sample phone script is provided below. Afterwards, please note that the call was made.

CALL GOVERNOR COOPER AT (919) 814-2050 OR (919) 814-2000

Sample script:

Hi, my name is _____, and I live in (city), NC. I am calling to urge Governor Cooper to take action to protect the forests and rural community of Richmond County by revoking Enviva’s permit for a wood pellet mill. If constructed, this mill will clearcut nearly 50 acres of forests a day, all while releasing harmful air pollutants that will devastate the local community’s health. Furthermore, standing forests are critical for combating climate change. As our state just witnessed the impacts from Irma, we are harshly reminded that climate change is making storms more frequent and deadly. Irma shows the need for why we must act quickly and boldly in the face of a warming climate.

Governor Cooper supports the Paris Climate agreement and to truly support climate action he must prevent industrial scale logging and protect environmental justice communities. Enviva received their permit for this mill without having a public hearing, completely discrediting the voice of the community that will be impacted, and there is an active lawsuit challenging the permit. I want to tell Governor Cooper to truly champion communities and the environment in North Carolina: revoke Enviva’s permit in Richmond County today!

Thank you.

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