Call Governor Cooper to Act for Forests

We need to make it clear to Governor Cooper that protecting North Carolina’s forests and ending state support for the wood pellet industry should be top priorities in his second term.

Personal phone calls are the most effective way to show elected officials that you care about an issue.

We need you to call Governor Cooper today!

It’s easy.

  • Fill out the form below, and we’ll call you on the number you provide.
  • You’ll hear a recorded message from us and then be prompted to connect to Governor Cooper’s office by pressing *.
  • Once connected, press 5 to reach a staff person or leave a voicemail.
  • Scroll down to find our sample script and talking points.

Step 1: Introduce yourself. Tell them your name and what county, city, and state you’re calling from.
Step 2: Ask that Governor Cooper take action to stop the wood pellet industry.
Step 3: Get personal. Tell them why protecting forests is important to you.

Here’s a sample script to use during your call:

Hi, my name is __________, and I’m calling from  __________ COUNTY in CITY, STATE. I’m calling to ask that Governor Cooper take action against the wood pellet biomass industry. This industry is destroying our forests and making climate change worse. It is polluting our communities and does not advance North Carolina’s clean energy goals. We should not be supporting this industry with state funds and permits. Governor Cooper can take action now by opposing the wood pellet plant proposed in Lumberton, North Carolina.

I want to see Governor Cooper stop subsidizing forest destruction and use our state dollars to support outdoor recreation and clean energy initiatives.

North Carolina’s forests are important to me because:__________

Thank you for listening to my concerns.

Here are additional facts and talking points you can include:

  • The Cooper Administration must halt the growth and expansion of the wood pellet industry.
  • In NC, every single wood pellet production facility is located in an environmental justice community.
  • Wood pellet production facilities release pollutants into the air that can trigger asthma and heart attacks and have been linked to cancer.
  • The wood pellet industry is responsible for clearcutting 60k acres of NC forests per year. That’s 164 acres per day.
  • The burning of wood pellets produces 50% more greenhouse gases than an equivalent amount of coal.
  • Logging and wood products are the third largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in NC, just behind electricity and transportation. Why doesn’t the state’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory account for emissions from logging?
  • Governor Cooper should end all subsidies for the wood pellet industry. The state has spent $7.1M of our public dollars to boost the wood pellet industry.
  • Forests provide natural storm and flooding resiliency and help moderate temperatures. 
  • Undisturbed natural forests capture more carbon and improve air and water quality.
  • Forests support biodiversity by providing critical habitat and food sources for a variety of animal and plant species.
  • Logging changes a forest forever. It can take decades, even centuries, to recover what a forest loses in a clearcut.

For additional talking points: Check out our recent 15 Reasons NC Leaders Should Reject the Wood Pellet Industry blog and our recent North Carolina Forest and Carbon report.

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