Alabama will not benefit from the Wood Pellet Industry

Enviva, the world’s largest wood pellet manufacturer, already destroys tens of thousands of acres of Southern forests per year. Now they want to build 4 facilities in Alabama. Currently they have applied to build an enormous plant in Epes, Alabama.

If built, this plant would require 80 acres of forests to be cut down per day, turned into wood pellets, and shipped overseas to be burned for electricity in Europe and Asia. It would be a huge emitter of greenhouse gases and other toxins that would threaten our climate and the local community’s health.

Alabama will not benefit by allowing Enviva to build these facilities. In North Carolina, where Enviva operates four wood pellet facilities, NC Governor Roy Cooper recently delivered harsh criticism of the industry in the state’s Clean Energy Plan.

Alabama has an opportunity to stop this industry before it is too late. We need to send a strong message that our forests are worth more standing.

Send a public comment by Nov. 15th to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and Governor Kay Ivey urging them to deny Enviva’s permit for a facility in Epes, Alabama.

Personalize your message to make sure that ADEM receives your comment. Consider introducing yourself and adding a sentence on why you care about forests or why you’re concerned about the expansion of the wood pellet industry.

If you are from outside the United States, please scroll down to ‘Other Countries’ and click on ‘None’ in the State/Province Box.

Action Target(s): Ronald W. Gore, Kay Ivey