Stop Enviva Expansion in Richmond County

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Now more than ever, we need standing, diverse, healthy forests to store carbon, protect us from flooding and storms, and provide us with clean air and water. The last thing we need is more logging. But Enviva, the world’s largest wood pellet manufacturer, is taking aim yet again at North Carolina’s forests and communities. This time, they’re applying to expand at their Hamlet, Richmond County facility.

Enviva has targeted some of our state’s most overburdened regions – areas that are already heavily-logged and polluted. The people of Richmond County already live with several other polluting industries, and they are organizing to stop the expansion. Now, we need to stand with the community to call on DEQ to reject Enviva’s expansion, and to make sure that the community gets the air quality controls they deserve.

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Action Target(s): Kevin Godwin at DEQ