Stop Enviva’s Expansion in Northampton County

The wood pellet industry destroys tens of thousands of acres of forests every single year. Now, Enviva, the world’s largest wood pellet producer, is applying to increase production at yet another one of their facilities. This time in Northampton County, North Carolina, where Enviva’s dirty facility is just one of many environmental injustices the community faces.

If Enviva’s expansion at their Northampton mill is approved, its annual production capacity will rise to over 780,000 tons of wood pellets, requiring over 18,000 acres of forests to be cut down each year to feed that facility alone. That’s more clearcuts, more carbon in the atmosphere, more dangerous logging trucks on the road, less habitat for wildlife, and less protection from natural disasters.

This industry is a disaster for forests, communities, and our climate, and North Carolina is ground zero for its expansion. It’s time for NC’s Governor Roy Cooper to stand up for real climate solutions and stop the expansion of the wood pellet industry.

Send a message to Governor Cooper and NC DEQ: NO expansion of the wood pellet industry in NC — not in Northampton County, and not anywhere else.

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Action Target(s): Roy Cooper, NC Department of Environmental Quality